Storylines & Music

Step 1: Sounds are created through air vibrations. We change sounds by making them:

  • Longer/Shorter
  • Louder/Softer
  • Higher/Lower
  • Thicker (2 or more sounds at the same time)/ Thinner
  • Brighter (playing closer to the bridge) / Mellower

Step 2: Free exploration

Set 5-10 minute time with your instrument, preferably in a quiet place and by yourself, so you are free from any judgements, and let your imagination and hands explore the instruments. Observe and try to remember some of the ways the instruments sounds that surprise you.

Step 3: Reading and picking (an) poem(s)

Browsing through Dan Brown’s Wild Symphony (attached below) or any poem of your choice. Pick 1-2 poems/quotes that resonate with you

Step 4: Creating a Soundtrack

What are the ideas of the poem(s) that can be translated and enhanced with musical sounds?

Try to express those ideas with your instruments.

For example, the overwhelmed live of the ostrich are fast and loud series of sounds. But from time to time, the ostrich dig their head into the ground, this is when the music pauses, or played low as if it go deep into the ground.

Step 5 (Optional): Record your ideas with your phone.